VR Onggi Village Tour

A tour of Onggi Village in Oegosan with VIRTUAL REALITY.

You can see every corner of Onggi Village in Oegosan Mountain, meet the Onggi master, and the cute Haetteumi guide explains Onggi Village in an interesting way.
Shall we go to Onggi Village?

* If you have VR headsets, you can see Onggi Village, which is more realistic if you wear them.

Let's go on a VR tour


Find the hidden Onggi

Find 10 Onggi with Haetteumi on it during the VR Onggi Village Tour!

It's hard to go around the wide Onggi Village, right?
Then, hint! Haetteumi Onggi is hidden in a place where there are many Onggi.

Let's go find Onggi!


VR Onggi quiz

Meet Haetteumi peddler and solve various Onggi quizzes!

During the VR Onggi Village Tour, meet Doppujangsu Haetteumi and take various quizzes about Onggi to learn about Onggi!

VR Onggi Quiz Solving


2024 Ulsan Onggi Festival enjoyed on OnggiTV

Enjoy the Onggi Festival 100 times more with OnggiTV

You can vividly enjoy the opening event of the 2024 Ulsan Onggi Festival and various programs related to Onggi on Onggi TV.

Right now! Watch Onggi TV


[AR] Let's play with Haetteumi in Onggi Village!

Take a picture of the QR code built in the village and call Haetteumi's friend!

Haetteumi's friend will be the guide, and we will explain the Onggi Village, huddle experience quiz, and guide you to the location of the Onggi Village building.

Going to the Onggi Village